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Plastering Services: Preferred Professionals In Aberdeen

Smooth Finishes, Quality Service

Decor8Ing Services - your local specialists in plastering in Aberdeen. Whether you're renovating, or refurbishing, our team is here to provide quality plastering solutions. With a focus on quality and a smooth finish, we cover all plastering and skimming jobs, ensuring your walls are perfect and ready for whatever comes next.


The experienced plasterers at Decor8Ing Services are skilled in all aspects of plastering work. From small patches to full rooms or even entire properties, we ensure a smooth, high-quality finish every time.


Ready to get started on your plastering project? Reach out to us today. Let us make your walls smooth, beautiful, and ready for anything.

Plasterer plastering wall with trowel

Our Plastering Services

  • Skimming: We apply a thin coat of plaster to walls and ceilings, creating the perfect smooth surface for painting or wallpapering.

  • Artex: Artex adds texture and interest to ceilings and walls, but it's not for everyone. Whether you like it or want it gone, we're equipped to handle it.

  • Artex Removal: If you're looking to update ceilings and remove outdated Artex patterns, we've got you covered. Our Artex removal service safely improves your ceilings to smooth, modern finishes.

  • Plaster Ware: Looking for something a bit more decorative? Our plaster ware services include creating and restoring decorative plaster features, upgrading the unique character of your domestic and commercial space.

  • Coving: We also offer coving services to give your rooms a neat finish and a bit of style around the edges.

  • Wall Rendering: Protect your home or office from the elements and improve its kerb appeal with our professional wall rendering services. Whether it's a touch-up or a complete overhaul, we've got the skills and materials to do it right.

Plastering Process

Here's a breakdown of the typical plastering process:

  • Preparation: The surface is thoroughly cleaned and assessed for any loose materials or damage that needs repair.

  • Base Coat: A thicker layer of plaster is applied to fill in gaps and create a flat base. This layer may require drying time.

  • Skimming Coat: A thinner layer of plaster is applied to achieve a perfectly smooth and level surface.

  • Finishing: Once dry, the plastered surface is sanded to a flawless finish, ready for painting or other decorative treatments.

We Are Your Plastering Service Professionals. Call 07597 459950 To Discuss.

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